Energy Medicine involves correcting your energy imbalances, blocks,  weaknesses and vulnerabilities. After your negative energy is corrected, we focus on building up your energy at a spiritual level.

When your spirit is strong, your body and mind can heal and reach

its full potential. 

Energy Medicine can help you feel calm with a sense of peace leading to

greater focus, direction and purpose in your life.  Our gaol is to help you feel better within yourself.

Patients with the following symptoms have benefited from

Energy Medicine: 

  • Lack of purpose in life, lack of direction or meaning
  • Feeling your life is unfulfilled, feeling out of body or not yourself
  • Feeling deprived despite external circumstances
  • Seeking something you cannot achieve
  • Fatigue, easily tired, poor memory or concentration
  • ​Foggy brain
  • Reduced efficiency, generally not well
  • Irritable/easily provoked, poor will power

These symptoms can result from

  • Physical trauma- MVA, head injury, loss of consciousness (includes general anesthesia), post traumatic headaches, surgery, episiotomy
  • Chronic Disease 
  • Poor Lifestyle e.g. bad diet, long work hours, lack of exercise
  • Emotional trauma- PTSD, stress, anger, anxiety, worry

re are some examples of Energy Medicine Goals

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We incorporate a beautiful style of Acupuncture called

Worsely Classical Five Elements to help you feel yourself again

https://worsleyinstitute.com/worsley-five-element-acupuncture ) 

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