Using the energy in your meridians to center your Body Mind and Spirit (BMS)

Our Focus is on Health Goals not just Disease:

How would you like to feel? 

Symptoms if your BMS is NOT Centered

  • Lack of purpose in life, lack of direction or meaning
  • Feeling your life is unfulfilled, feeling out of body or not yourself
  • Feeling deprived despite external circumstances
  • Seeking something you cannot achieve
  • Fatigue, easily tired, poor memory or concentration
  • ​Foggy brain
  • Reduced efficiency, generally not well
  • Irritable/easily provoked, poor will power

These symptoms can result from

  • Physical trauma- MVA, head injury, loss of consciousness (includes general anesthesia), post traumatic headaches, surgery, episiotomy
  • Chronic Disease 
  • Emotional trauma- PTSD, stress, anger, anxiety, worry

We use a wonderful style of Acupuncture called Worsely Classical Five Elements

https://worsleyinstitute.com/worsley-five-element-acupuncture ) 

 to help you feel better

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